Back to the familiar

Or what once was.

Looks like home,

it’s supposed to be home.

Something tastes different,

and that chair is over there now.

Thoughts move through mud,

Can’t find the right palabras.

I want to hablar

but just can’t expresarme.

Sink into the couch,

Seeking some form of comfort.

Close my eyes and I’m back

to the smell of fresh tomatoes

and singing “Tenía tanto” in the hammock.

Feeling lost at home,

Feeling loss I’m not home.

Because there’s more to home than the physical,

and there’s more to comfort than the familiar.

Inside we find a space

where our hearts become open

where we let people in

and tuck away our special experience.

All we need to do to come home,

to feel warmth and comfort and belonging

is to take a moment to dive inside

float softly in the peaceful lake of our hearts,

remember, and smile.