Repetition brings comfort in the familiar,

Like the same sweatshirt pulled out on every chilly day.

It is a rhythmic tone resonating in your head.

It sings softly in your ear like a lullaby from years ago.

It resonates as smoothly as the water that ripples away from your toe when it dips.

It presses like a thumb, deeper in your mind, causing you to think again.

Did you hear it the first time?

Maybe you heard it.  Did you really listen?

Drink it in another time but let it enfold you like you’ve never tasted before.

Bring yourself back to the mind of a child, who craves it and devours it.


Again please!

Let me hear it once more.

Speak the words but it escapes your mouth differently each time,

Like a baby learning a new word or fingers on the guitar finding the right strum.

How many times until it becomes a part of you?

Until it presses so hard it sticks?

Until you no longer just hear it, or see it, or read it

But you feel it,

understand it

need it?