Her eyes were a blue violet.  Her skin was the softest I’d ever felt.  Her scent was and familiar at the same time, in a way that made me feel we were connected somehow already.  It was like I knew we were family and that I was there to protect her if I needed to.  It was love at first sight.  I held her and her soft head cradled into my arm.  I could have held her like that forever.  Her eyes wandered the room and occasionally found mine.  It was her first day in this world, and I can’t imagine what that was like for her.  It makes me wish we could step inside the minds of infants and understand how they experience the world in those first days.  In that moment, I just wanted her to have the best first day ever.  I was overwhelmed with the joy of her presence.  I can only imagine how this powerful emotion is multiplied during the experience of having your own child.