Some People Play (Slice of Life: Day 31)

Some people play

Some people ride horses.

Some people make sculptures.

Some people travel the world for adventures.

Some people are girls.

Some people are boys.

Some people like girls who like girls who like boys.

Some people are simple.

Some people are frightened.

Some people meditate and pray to be enlightened.

Some people like tradition.

Some people are fancy.

Some people get married, then divorced, then are happy.

Some people dance the samba.

Some people speak French.

Some people spend nights sleeping on a bench.

Some people start small and learn along the way.

Some people ride the bus to work everyday.

Some people are close.

Some people are close-minded.

Some people spend their entire life on an island.

Some people in their twenties leave college with a fear

Rings, weddings, and babies. Think your story ends here?

It may have only just begun and perhaps not that way,

You see your book is in the writing

and a new chapter’s underway

Some people spend years believing in a beginning and an end,

While their story continues, and few understand

how others make big life changes without looking behind

and realize that life is to live and to always

be alive.


Some people are doctors, and dancers, and lovers.

Some people start non-profits to show what matters to others.

Some people start out in business but then decide to be a nurse.

Some people are with the wrong person too long because they know that leaving hurts.

Some people are managers at a restaurant for almost all their lives, understanding the job won’t always be fun, but knowing it provides.

Some people raise two kids-a sister and a brother, but ten years down the road, make the choice to have another.

Some people study theater, then music, then economics, then end up working for a company in politics.

Some people start a business and pray it doesn’t fail.

Some people find forgiveness inside the cells of a jail.

Some people spend too much time lying to themselves, finding the world opens its arms when you show your true self.

I am a dreamer

I am a teacher

I am a sister

I am a healer

I am a dancer

I am a singer

I am a counselor

I am a feeler

I play volleyball, do yoga, listen to salsa, and try to paint

I am not sure where else life will take me, but my anxious heart can’t wait

to fill a book with true love stories and find new passions everyday

to remember that nothing is permanent and that life is a game to play.

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