Colombia will be my home in only a few short months.  Colombia, where the people are warm and the fruit is fresh.  Medellin, where the Paisas are welcoming and the music plays in the streets.

As I continue to prepare for our move abroad, I’ve begun to piece together an idea of what it will be like there.  What will it look like when I look out the airplane window?  A city filled with red brick buildings.  What kind of food will I eat?  Freshly squeezed juices, roasted plantains, arepas galore.  What will the weather be like?  Springtime year-round.  What will the people be like?  Friendly and animated, full of life.

Although it’s a fuzzy image, it’s one that I hold on to for security and calmness of mind.  In truth, I have no idea what it will be like to move to Colombia.  It’s scary in the best way possible.  I’m diving in head first, with these faint notions as my life vest, hoping they will keep me afloat.  At least I know the water will be warm…