My morning smoothie slides down my throat, sweet and creamy.  Flavors of chocolate and banana wash over my tongue.  I tilt the blender cup up high, and then a bit higher.  I peek inside the lid to inspect the situation.  As I suspected, it’s almost gone.  I open wider and tilt higher, awaiting the final drops as they take their time coasting down the cup.  I practice my patience until that last drop reaches my mouth.  It tastes even sweeter than the first sip.

How much more powerful is the final chorus?
How much brighter is the sun before it sets?
How much tighter do you squeeze for the last hug?
How much more comfortable is the bed before it’s time to get up?
How much more do your lips linger for a final kiss?
How much slower do you read the final pages of a book?
How much sweeter is the last sip?