In my class, we talk about the difference between being in our comfort zone and our brave zone. Although we feel safe and warm in our comfort zone, we recognize that it’s not where we grow. However, stepping into our brave zone challenges our minds and physically creates brain growth by making new pathways. As many might relate, growing can be painful, awkward, frustrating, and of course, uncomfortable.
For the last two years, I have participated in the Slice of Life challenge, blogging every day for the month of March. This challenge has pushed me in my writing, diligence, creativity, and courage. I remember posting some days, knowing that it was not my best work, but reminding myself that it was part of the process. I also recall the excitement and joy of reading posts from others around the world, getting inspired to write more each day, and receiving considerate, kind feedback from readers of my work.
As I step into this challenge once again, this time with a band of 21 Colombian 5th graders at my side, I feel the rush of adrenaline in the air. I know I am heading straight for my brave zone, leaving the warmth of comfort behind me. By the end of March, I can see us all stronger, having grown together through this challenge.