Some days I find myself waiting around for a pat on the back for my hard work, or a comment from someone acknowledging what I’ve done. Today I felt exhausted and started seeking approval from outside myself. A friend reminded me that all I need is already inside of me.

I wrote myself a letter of encouragement.

Dear me,
Good job today!
You got into bed by 8:30 last night! Even though it was hard to fall asleep right away, you made it a priority to rest.
You joined a trek that is a challenge for you. Even though it scares you, you’re taking initiative and getting questions answered.
You wanted to solve your stress with junk food but you didn’t. You ate lunch instead!
You got frustrated with your class and you went to the peace spot. Not only that, but you’re being reflective about how to spend the rest of day. You’re open to changing the schedule for your kids’ needs (and your own).
You’re doing enough.
I love you,