I know several people who tend to procrastinate. They let deadlines hang in the air, slowing moving closer, until the last moment when time speeds up. That’s the moment they get things done, and they might sacrifice quality in the process.

I am not one these people. I have the opposite tendency, which is to over-plan and obsessively prepare. You may know someone like me, you’ll notice us making lots of lists and our desks are covered in post-its.

I can notice strengths and weaknesses to both sides of these tendencies, to procrastinate or to over-plan. Some things I love about my procrastinator-type friends are their spontaneity, carefree attitude, impulsiveness. As for myself, I can appreciate my ability to nail down the details, save myself from future hassles, and accomplish big tasks in small stages.

My upcoming trek had been causing some nerves and I spoke about it with a friend today. As you may have guessed, she is the opposite of me. She even laughed to herself as I mentioned I planned a day to ‘practice pack’, mentioning that she might never be like me in the way (which I wouldn’t expect her to!). I laughed too, recognizing the silliness of my own habits as well.

Later in the day we texted again about the trek and her words soothed me as they came from her side of the world. The message was essentially, stop thinking too much about it and just go for it. Although it’s not my usual style, I felt ready and willing to try it on.