Bright Spot (Slice of Life: Day 15)

a bright spot:

a pleasant or successful event or period of time when most other things are unpleasant or not successful

One of the many lessons I teach my students is to focus on the positive things. It is a lesson that I practice with myself each day, as it helps me enjoy life more. As I look outside my classroom now, I see the sun shining, and I am reminded that I need to practice more.

The couple weeks here have been colder than usual. We live near the equator, but we are located in higher altitude, so the climate is relatively stable throughout the year. In January I was wearing dresses and sandals to school and getting sunburned at recess duty. Today I wear jeans and layers of sweaters underneath my puffy coat. My hands freeze as I sit still during parent and student conferences. There’s no heat here and our hallways are outside. When it’s cold, it’s just cold.

When the rains begins to pour or the wind blows into my classroom, it’s easy to be distracted by the negative. Thoughts might go through my head…I hate the cold…The rain doesn’t stop…I wish it were sunny again. However, I choose to pass those thoughts along their way and open  my mind to the bright sun at this very moment.

As I look at the bright spot, I remember the other beautiful things I am grateful for. This morning, it struck me how lucky I am to be living with all the fruits we have here in Colombia. Pitaya…granadilla…mango…lulo…guava…guyabana…These have all become a part of our daily routine for meals (Have you seen my post on Smoothie Bowls?).

As I watch the news about storms in the East coast, I also remember how amazing it is to live in a different climate than where I grew up in Colorado. I don’t miss the snow, and my dad knows that scraping ice off my windshield was top on my list of least-favorite activities. I appreciate every single day I get to go home and sit on the balcony on my hammock in a t-shirt.

The daily stresses of my work life can bring me to a negative place. However, watching my students present themselves in the conferences has brought joy to my week. I can notice their progress and appreciate how they are growing in their ability to speak about their own learning process.

As I practice my own lessons in my life, I bring more authenticity to my classroom. I’d like to believe my students will see a model for how to behave and how they can practice in their own lives.

What is your bright spot?

2 Replies to “Bright Spot (Slice of Life: Day 15)”

  1. What a great outlook! Colombia sounds amazing, even with the cold. I need to look for the positives more than the negatives each day. Today my bright spot was a workout with my friend – it made the midweek workout go so quick!


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