It was a moment to freeze in time. I hadn’t noticed it until someone pointed it out. This is the best part, she said, all of us here together.

Our group had spent 3 long days of hiking and camping together. The weather conditions were less than favorable. Sleeping bags got hit by rain, toes were frozen on the trail, and warm layers got drenched. After our summit to the glacier, we were all beyond smelly and covered in dried mud.

Gathered at a table, we relished in the chance to sit in chairs, drink fresh beer from glasses, and eat real french fries. With our devices back on, we used them to share photos and reminisce of the good, difficult, and hilarious memories made together the last few days. In this moment, nothing mattered more than the laughs spread around the table, the sense of accomplishment and pride, and the closeness I felt among our team, Equipo Poderoso.