is a job where
expectations are higher than mountains
We play with marionettes
dancing them to the beat of the song.
We must
teach social skills
without a time frame
Planning becomes
a competition of Pinterest visuals
where salaries don’t reflect quality
To test or not to test?
We teach parents how to parent
yet find ourselves
unable to work nurture against nature
Who are we
at the end of the day?
Are we
Or are we
being compared,
feeling unaware,
deep in piles to grade,
hoping it’s all worth it?

I imagine a school
where kids learn
to be better human beings.
Where teachers can be
better human beings.
Where spaces to rest,
reflect and process
are respected.
Where teens get enough sleep at night.
Where students begin exploring
their passions at an early age.
Where high school looks more
like job exploration
and bridges students into college or a career.
Where kids and adults are taught
how to manage emotions.
Where students learn
how to learn.
Where the classroom is a space
of creativity and inspiration.
Where teachers are guides,
not dictators of learning.
Where natural curiosity
is developed and encouraged.
Where the answers to our questions
grow more and more