Tightness (SOL Day 5)

There is a tightness in my throat that creeps up anytime I’m not speaking my truth. For so long I hated it, then I learned to accept it. Now I’m in the process of loving it. This tightness deserves love, since it is a part of me. Every so often, it is nothing more than a temporary experience, passing me by. However, that’s not usually the case.

Usually, like today, the tightness is an arrow pointing to my needs. Like a child tugging on her mother’s sweater. Hey. I need something.

It’s not always obvious. What do you need?, I ask myself, hoping for a clear answer.

Today, though… Today, I needed to speak. I needed to ask questions and wonder the impossible. I needed to know that feeling stuck didn’t mean I actually was stuck and that I am always surrounded by choices. I needed to hear my own words repeated back to me so they could wash over me with comforting peace. I needed to sit with those words and feel the possibilities inside them. I needed to live in a moment where decisions didn’t have to be made, only dreamed.

I spoke my truth today.

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