My Nest (Slice of Life: Day 5)

Recently painted, our apartment is beginning to feel like home. The colors exude our personalities, bright teal, calm blue-gray, and a gentle green. The light no longer sends sharp stings of white into your eyes. Walking into a room, the colors welcome you, inviting you to relax and stay a bit longer. Today we began... Continue Reading →

A Rare Wedding (Slice of Life: Day 2)

In my 5th grade class, our current Read Aloud book is Number the Stars. Today we read the second chapter, which included the main character sharing a memory of her 18-year-old sister getting ready for her wedding. After reading, I asked my class to jot down a thought they were having about the book right... Continue Reading →

Growing Pains (Slice of Life: Day 1)

In my class, we talk about the difference between being in our comfort zone and our brave zone. Although we feel safe and warm in our comfort zone, we recognize that it's not where we grow. However, stepping into our brave zone challenges our minds and physically creates brain growth by making new pathways. As... Continue Reading →

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